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Handmade Hand Plane Article from Popular Mechanics – a pretty little Krenov-Style (laminated) high-angle block plane, with plans. A Home-Made Jack Plane Wooden jack plane construction from 1920’ Woodworker Annual, courtesy of ALF.

Individual pages include plans for the wooden body. 0000-00-00 00:00:00 | 0 Votes | 0 Comments | 264 Hits. hollow and round plane set from scratch.

Lot 423 translate email save. 7 Antique Wooden Molding Planes with Irons: Sign In to see what this sold for.

Most woodworkers are fascinated by handplanes and are even more fascinated by wooden molding planes.

Note: This section is under construction, so not all types are listed yet. rough in complex molding shapes.

While we are primarily custom wooden boat builders, we have decided to also make some of our designs available for amateur construction. We have drawn up detailed boat plans of our most suitable designs.

Offers a large variety of traditional style wooden hand planes.
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Login | Create an Account. Fine Woodworking Magazine subscribeonline extras Shop Books, Plans, & more. Harrison. Meridian, Miss.

Oddly, the You-tube videos of wooden molding planes, the cutter seldom perfectly matches the sole, I guess due to the shaping the plane iron. I also have the companion DVD...

Precut wooden boat construction kits for conventional framed plywood, stitch & glue plywood and cedar strip models. & glue plywood, cedar strip, canvas covered and cold molded...

The Characteristics Of A Good Plane. How The Old Planes Were Made. Tuning And Using Wooden Planes. on topics related to woodworking, arts and crafts, home improvement...

Complex Molding Planes According to the newest version of American Wooden Planes by Emil and Martyl Pollak, & newly edited by Thomas Elliot, John Tower was born in 1758 and worked in Sudbury Mass north of Worchester in the early 1800's. He died in...

Published some 20 years after, this book can best be described How To Make Wooden Planes on steroids! It contains all of the information in the first book and much, much more. For instance, instead of just concentrating on making one bench plane...

Найден по ссылке: hollow and round wooden molding planes.

I plan on making several wooden molding plane. I've read John Whelan's book "Making Traditional Wooden Planes", and Norm Vandall's article in FVV (#37?). I have a few questions, and thought the FORUM might be a good source of answers/opinions.

Genuine 80+ Year-Old Antique English Wooden Molding Plane. Ever wonder how craftsmen made all those fantastic moldings and shaped edges before the electric router became available after WWII.

An excellent way of doing this is to combine strip planking with cold-molding. Molds are set up, the hull is planked with a set of plans is not always followed by a builder.

Our rowboat kits and plans are for stitch-and-glue construction. This is the easiest type of you cut the planks (two at a time) with a jig saw and finish off with a hand plane.

If you looking for free boat plans or sites offering professional boat plans then browse our link to boat plan sites. Send us in your boating pictures. Email to


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